Morphology classes

class bluepyopt.ephys.morphologies.Morphology(name='', comment='')[source]

Bases: bluepyopt.ephys.base.BaseEPhys

Morphology class

class bluepyopt.ephys.morphologies.NrnFileMorphology(morphology_path, do_replace_axon=False, do_set_nseg=True, comment='', replace_axon_hoc=None)[source]

Bases: bluepyopt.ephys.morphologies.Morphology, bluepyopt.ephys.serializer.DictMixin

Morphology loaded from a file


  • morphology_path (str) – location of the file describing the morphology
  • do_replace_axon (bool) – Does the axon need to be replaced by an AIS stub ?
  • replace_axon_hoc (str) – String replacement for the ‘replace_axon’
  • in hoc Must include 'proc replace_axon(){ ... } If None, (command) –
  • default replace_axon is used in any created hoc files (the) –

Destroy morphology instantiation

instantiate(sim=None, icell=None)[source]

Load morphology

static replace_axon(sim=None, icell=None)[source]

Replace axon

static set_nseg(icell)[source]

Set the nseg of every section