Cell evaluator class

class bluepyopt.ephys.evaluators.CellEvaluator(cell_model=None, param_names=None, fitness_protocols=None, fitness_calculator=None, isolate_protocols=None, sim=None, use_params_for_seed=False, timeout=None)[source]

Bases: bluepyopt.evaluators.Evaluator

Simple cell class


  • cell_model (ephys.models.CellModel) – CellModel object to evaluate
  • param_names (list of str) – names of the parameters (parameters will be initialised in this order)
  • fitness_protocols (dict of str -> ephys.protocols.Protocol) – protocols used during the fitness evaluation
  • fitness_calculator (ObjectivesCalculator) – ObjectivesCalculator object used for the transformation of Responses into Objective objects
  • isolate_protocols (bool) – whether to use multiprocessing to isolate the simulations (disabling this could lead to unexpected behavior, and might hinder the reproducability of the simulations)
  • sim (ephys.simulators.NrnSimulator) – simulator to use for the cell evaluation
  • use_params_for_seed (bool) – use a hashed version of the parameter dictionary as a seed for the simulator
  • timeout (int) – duration in second after which a Process will be interrupted when using multiprocessing

Run evaluation with lists as input and outputs


Run evaluation with dict as input and output


Run evaluation with lists as input and outputs


Convert objective_array in objective_dict


Convert objective_dict in objective_list


Convert param_array in param_dict

run_protocol(protocol, param_values, isolate=None, cell_model=None, sim=None, timeout=None)[source]

Run protocol

run_protocols(protocols, param_values)[source]

Run a set of protocols

static seed_from_param_dict(param_dict)[source]

Return a seed value based on a param_dict