Source code for bluepyopt.ephys.evaluators

"""Cell evaluator class"""

Copyright (c) 2016-2020, EPFL/Blue Brain Project

 This file is part of BluePyOpt <>

 This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
 the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0 as published
 by the Free Software Foundation.

 This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
 ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
 FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more

 You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
 along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

# pylint: disable=W0511

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

import bluepyopt as bpopt

[docs]class CellEvaluator(bpopt.evaluators.Evaluator): """Simple cell class""" def __init__( self, cell_model=None, param_names=None, fitness_protocols=None, fitness_calculator=None, isolate_protocols=None, sim=None, use_params_for_seed=False, timeout=None): """Constructor Args: cell_model (ephys.models.CellModel): CellModel object to evaluate param_names (list of str): names of the parameters (parameters will be initialised in this order) fitness_protocols (dict of str -> ephys.protocols.Protocol): protocols used during the fitness evaluation fitness_calculator (ObjectivesCalculator): ObjectivesCalculator object used for the transformation of Responses into Objective objects isolate_protocols (bool): whether to use multiprocessing to isolate the simulations (disabling this could lead to unexpected behavior, and might hinder the reproducability of the simulations) sim (ephys.simulators.NrnSimulator): simulator to use for the cell evaluation use_params_for_seed (bool): use a hashed version of the parameter dictionary as a seed for the simulator timeout (int): duration in second after which a Process will be interrupted when using multiprocessing """ super(CellEvaluator, self).__init__( fitness_calculator.objectives, cell_model.params_by_names(param_names)) if sim is None: raise ValueError("CellEvaluator: you have to provide a Simulator " "object to the 'sim' argument of the " "CellEvaluator constructor") self.sim = sim self.cell_model = cell_model self.param_names = param_names # Stimuli used for fitness calculation self.fitness_protocols = fitness_protocols # Fitness value calculator self.fitness_calculator = fitness_calculator self.isolate_protocols = isolate_protocols self.timeout = timeout self.use_params_for_seed = use_params_for_seed
[docs] def param_dict(self, param_array): """Convert param_array in param_dict""" param_dict = {} for param_name, param_value in \ zip(self.param_names, param_array): param_dict[param_name] = param_value return param_dict
[docs] def objective_dict(self, objective_array): """Convert objective_array in objective_dict""" objective_dict = {} objective_names = [ for objective in self.fitness_calculator.objectives] if len(objective_names) != len(objective_array): raise Exception( 'CellEvaluator: list given to objective_dict() ' 'has wrong number of objectives') for objective_name, objective_value in \ zip(objective_names, objective_array): objective_dict[objective_name] = objective_value return objective_dict
[docs] def objective_list(self, objective_dict): """Convert objective_dict in objective_list""" objective_list = [] objective_names = [ for objective in self.fitness_calculator.objectives] for objective_name in objective_names: objective_list.append(objective_dict[objective_name]) return objective_list
[docs] @staticmethod def seed_from_param_dict(param_dict): """Return a seed value based on a param_dict""" sorted_keys = sorted(param_dict.keys()) string = '' for key in sorted_keys: string += '%s%s' % (key, str(param_dict[key])) return
[docs] def run_protocol( self, protocol, param_values, isolate=None, cell_model=None, sim=None, timeout=None): """Run protocol""" sim = self.sim if sim is None else sim if self.use_params_for_seed: sim.random123_globalindex = self.seed_from_param_dict(param_values) # Try/except added for backward compatibility try: return self.cell_model if cell_model is None else cell_model, param_values, sim=sim, isolate=isolate, timeout=timeout) except TypeError as e: if "unexpected keyword" in str(e): return self.cell_model if cell_model is None else cell_model, param_values, sim=sim, isolate=isolate) else: raise
[docs] def run_protocols(self, protocols, param_values): """Run a set of protocols""" responses = {} for protocol in protocols: responses.update(self.run_protocol( protocol, param_values=param_values, isolate=self.isolate_protocols, timeout=self.timeout)) return responses
[docs] def evaluate_with_dicts(self, param_dict=None, target='scores'): """Run evaluation with dict as input and output""" if target not in ['scores', 'values']: raise Exception( 'CellEvaluator: target has to be "scores" or "values".') if self.fitness_calculator is None: raise Exception( 'CellEvaluator: need fitness_calculator to evaluate') logger.debug('Evaluating %s', responses = self.run_protocols( self.fitness_protocols.values(), param_dict) if target == 'scores': return self.fitness_calculator.calculate_scores(responses) elif target == 'values': return self.fitness_calculator.calculate_values(responses)
[docs] def evaluate_with_lists(self, param_list=None, target='scores'): """Run evaluation with lists as input and outputs""" param_dict = self.param_dict(param_list) obj_dict = self.evaluate_with_dicts( param_dict=param_dict, target=target ) return self.objective_list(obj_dict)
[docs] def evaluate(self, param_list=None, target='scores'): """Run evaluation with lists as input and outputs""" return self.evaluate_with_lists(param_list, target=target)
def __str__(self): content = 'cell evaluator:\n' content += ' cell model:\n' if self.cell_model is not None: content += ' %s\n' % str(self.cell_model) content += ' fitness protocols:\n' if self.fitness_protocols is not None: for fitness_protocol in self.fitness_protocols.values(): content += ' %s\n' % str(fitness_protocol) content += ' fitness calculator:\n' if self.fitness_calculator is not None: content += ' %s\n' % str(self.fitness_calculator) return content